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Welcome note
Dear Colleagues and friends,
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the TCM2018, the 7
meeting in the
successful conference series organized by the University of Crete and FORTH in Crete,
Based on the enthusiasm with which you embraced this initiative and your invaluable
contributions throughout the last decade, this year we are all proudly celebrating the
parallel organization of the 4
E-MRS/ MRS-Japan bilateral meeting, a milestone in this
conference series that I expect will continue being a fruitful tool for the development of the
metal oxide community.
Over the past 12 years we all had the opportunity to meet with dear friends and colleagues
from all over the globe and make new ones widening our academic and research horizons.
Young researchers advanced rapidly in their fields and past post-docs are now participating
as invited speakers. Senior researchers moved forward from academic to industrial research
and vice versa, contributing to significant advances in their fields or opened new roads for
the next generation of researchers. We have all had the pleasure to follow careers being
developed, fellow scientists moving to more challenging and reputable posts while winning
prestigious National and International awards and distinctions. On the other side, we have
proudly seen colleagues that despite getting official retirement are still research active,
continuing mentoring and training students while disseminating their wisdom to the next
generation of young researchers. To all of you the community as a whole and me personally,
are deeply grateful.
With this short note, I am proudly welcoming you all to this year’s 7
TCM and the 4
MRS/ MRS-Japan bilateral meeting and wish you a scientific, fruitful and personally pleasant
October 2018
Prof. George Kiriakidis
Organizer, TCM-series
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